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Caravan provides you the comfort for your mobile lifestyle. The length of the Caravan model is 330 cm, width is 230 cm, and it has a total of 7.6 square foot area.

Caravan model includes an office area, a bathroom, a kitchen, a living room, and a bed. In addition to the living room and kitchen, the caravan model has multiple storage spaces for your belongings.

The stress-reducing effects of outdoor nature are well documented from a scientific perspective. The positive benefits of nature are highly desirable for stress reduction, recovery, attention, and general healthy living. 

Caravan gives you the perfect feel of cabin living with modern standards. Our houses are innately tied to changing attitudes about privilege, wealth and materialism. The trend towards tiny living is growing in both urban and rural environments alike, and the debate on tiny homes continues because the definitions of the movement are diverse and often tied to local housing markets.

Why wood?

Benefits of wood

  • Stress-reducing effects
  • Reduces sympathetic nervous system (SNS) activation
  • Wood performs well acoustically, naturally sound – damping
  • The humidity level inside a wooden house is always at 45 – 57% – optimal level for human health! This moisture level prevents the natural spread of infections. The main advantage of a wooden house is that the wood always absorbs excessive humidity from the inside air, and when the air becomes too dry, it will give the moisture back

We do not use rare types of wood, cutting down which causes irreparable damage to the environment. Wood Types we use and their specifics:

  • The highest quality of facial surfaces that do not require additional processing
  • High adhesion strength
  • High stability and dimensional accuracy, stable geometric shapes.
  • Environmentally friendly

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